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BDIC 397B:  Leadership and Networking

Where & When: Thursdays 5:30-7:00pm, Location: ISOM 137.

Class Leader: Bob Lowry

Bob Lowry is a local entrepreneur (Bueno Y Sano, Rao's Coffee) and co-organizer of the Entrepreneurship Initiative at U. Mass.

Course Description: This two-credit class explores principles of positive leadership and how they provide for success.  The goal for each student is to initiate several friendships with people in career areas that excite them.  Through the readings and lectures students learn essential skills for fostering the new relationships.

Each semester several guest speakers join the class and share their stories about leadership, entrepreneurship, jobs, and strategies for success.

Students routinely find job and internship opportunities in career areas where they have real passion.


  • Attendance in class (50% of grade).
  • Students keep a journal of their attempts to incorporate the ideas presented in class into their daily lives.
  • Students contact five people and write about them in contact reports. (20% of grade).
  • 2 Papers (2 pages each) Assignment: Review of books read in class - (20%)
  • Final Paper (3 pages) Assignment: Write a review of the class – (10%)
  • All papers must include two personal stories that illustrate the students' experience with material presented in class or in the books they read.

Required Readings:

  • Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends and Influence People – Distributed FREE in class.
  • "Book of choice" – A list of books is presented in class.  Students pick a book and then buy it online or from a bookstore.

Due dates and syllabus to be presented in class.