BDIC 397B:  Leadership and Networking    

Where & When: Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm, Location: E Lab II
(Join us on Tuesday nights at Rafters at 7:30 pm for our weekly social and networking session. Note: Rafter's is for ALL AGES.)

Class Leaders: Bob Lowry, Dan Gordon

Bob Lowry is a local entrepreneur and a co-organizer of the Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI).  The goal of the EI is to assist students who wish to found their own organizations (business or non-profits).  The EI website is:   The EI is housed in the Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration program (BDIC).   But EI classes are available on an unrestricted basis to students of all majors.

Dan Gordon is a professor of history and director of BDIC as well as interim associate dean of the Commonwealth Honors College.  BDIC is the program in which students may design interdisciplinary majors that are not offered in the regular academic departments.  The website is

Course Description: This two-credit class explores principles of positive leadership and how they create success in entrepreneurship and networking.  The goal for each student is to initiate several friendships with people in career areas that excite them and to learn tools to foster these new relationships.


  • Attendance in class (50% of grade).**
  • < Students contact five people and write about them in contact reports. (20% of grade).
  • < 2 Papers (4 pages each) on books read in class - (20%) (see syllabus for due dates)
  • < Paper (3 pages) on networking – (10%) Due April 28 4 PM via email.
  • **A class can be made up for by writing a two-page synopsis of the reading due for that class.  However, no more than three missed classes can be covered in this manner.

Required Readings:

  • Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends and Influence People – Distributed FREE in class.
  • Jim Collins, Good to Great – Purchase at bookstore of your choice or online.

Calendar of Events (5:30-7:30pm)