Board of Directors

Students (leading EI's Registered Student Organization)

Brycen Spencer - An Engineering, President of the Entrepreneurship Initiative's Registered Student Organization and Founder of Engineered Response.

Conor White-Sullivan - A social entrepreneur interested in citizen engagement and grassroots problem solving online, he is the founder of, a UMass Anthropology Major, a student senator, and the Vice President of the EI RSO.


Prof. Kwong Chan - Kwong is an Assistant Professor of marketing in the Isenberg School of Management and mentors a number of startups including Dexrex. 

Prof. Daniel (Dan) Gordon - Dan is a professor of history and director of the Bachelor's Degree With Individual Concentration (BDIC). BDIC empowers highly motivated and self-directed students to design their own major.

Prof. Robert (Bob) Hyers - By day Bob is an well respected associate professor of MechanicalEngineering at UMass Amherst. But by night... he is the owner or partner in about a half dozen (the number is changing all the time) companies in the technology, service, and retail sectors. But anyone who knows him isn't surprised: he started his first business in high school!


Robert (Bob) Lowry - Starting with little more than a great idea and good instincts, Bob founded the successful Bueno y Sano restaurant in the extremely competitive Amherst market. More than a decade later, he runs his own life, has provided meaningful employment to his staff, and continues to deliver delicious, healthy food at student-friendly prices.

Corey J. Silva - Corey is a partner in Angel Catalyst, an EI Alumni company that builds and manages professional angel investor networks. He is also a freelance writer of news reports, essays, investigative pieces, and editorials. 

Paul G. Silva - In 2000 Paul was fortunate to be on the original team of students that helped form EI.  Since then he has founded several companies, raised $250k from angels, pitched to venture capitalists, and created socially responsible products.  Today he runs the River Valley Investors angel investor group in Springfield, helping investors find young companies seeking funding.