Earn Academic Credit - Building a business takes a lot of time, and you probably don't have much available given your course load. That is why EI has partnered with BDIC to offer independent studies where you can earn honors academic credit for the work you do exploring entrepreneurship. Attend an event to learn how to enroll.

Satisfy Graduation Requirements - EI's independent studies not only let you earn credit, they also can be used to satisfy a number of graduation requirements (depending on your major).   Contact Us to find out what relevant requirements our courses can help you satisfy.

Set Your Own Path in Life - The Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) will show you that it is possible to be your own boss and to wake up every day (well, nearly every day!) to a job that you can love. It will take an incredible amount of hard work and a bit of luck - but we will show you the road map and help you take the first steps.

Win up to $50k in cash - EI has helped its students win over $50,000 in cash to support their business ideas. We do this by connecting students to a variety of business plan competitions and providing detailed tutorials and training to prepare them to compete. EI does not gain any rights to student businesses what-so-ever. They remain 100% the property of their founders.

Enhance Your Job Options - Those who understand both the "business" and "product" side of a company are much more likely to win a competitive job or promotion. EI students build every aspect of their ventures, gaining first-hand, practical experience with every part of creating and running a business.

New Students: Contact the instructor to enroll.

Returning Students: We recommend you do an independent study.  Any regular faculty member at UMass can supervise you, on the terms you agree to.  We offer a sample outline for a 2- or 3-credit independent study as a starting point.