UMass EI has several class offerings.  Click the class link for full details.

  • Intro to Entrepreneurship I (Open to non-students) BDIC 397A (AKA Tuesday Class): 1 credit, Fall & Spring, hybrid online & offline Fast paced survey  class.  You'll get a taste of the major topics and terms, hear guest lectures from real entrepreneurs, and get a chance to put your learning to the test in a competition for real $$.   
  • Leadership & Networking BDIC 397B (AKA Thursday Class): 2 Credits, Fall & Spring, 100% in-person Explores principles of positive leadership and how they create success in entrepreneurship and networking. You'll be putting your learning into active, real-world use as a part of the class.
  • Intermediate Entrepreneurship: New! (for more info, contact us) Structured as an  independent study: 3 Credits, Fall & Spring, 100% in-person Takes those with a strong idea and passion and helps them explore the feasibility of execution.  Accepts only 4-5 student teams per semester.  Minimum requirement is a 2-page executive summary.  It is suggested that students Seminar or Introductory class highly recommended.
  • Intro to Entrepreneurship II: New! (for more info, contact us) BDIC 391B: 3 credits, Summer Only, 100% online This is a 3-credit version of the Seminar class.  Students get an opportunity to explore each topic in detail, engage in deeper discussions, and develop their executive summaries with much more direct support from faculty and peers.