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Sample Elevator Pitch

The following sample elevator pitch is based on our 90-second pitch template.

"All inPlay creates software that empowers the blind and visually impaired to socialize with their friends and loved ones: unhandicapped and as equals. Imagine how your life might become suddenly different if you or a loved one went blind tomorrow. The vast majority of social and recreational activities that we take for granted every day would become difficult or impossible for you to participate in. Since 2002, All inPlay's website and suite of online games have allowed the blind to reconnect with their friends in loved ones in a way where no one can even tell who's blind and who's sighted. There are millions of Internet-enabled, blind and visually impaired adults in the United States alone. All inPlay's business model is monthly subscription. With that model we've been generating revenues since 2002, attained positive cashflow in 2003, and can attain revenues of $5 million in 2010. Investors will be paid back through cashflow, providing them an annualized rate of return of greater than 40%/year. Previous to joining All inPlay our leadership has: Developed and Launched Trivial Pursuit, increased Dunk'n Donut's growth from 3%/year to 30%/year, founded a multi-billion dollar mutual fund, managed the distribution network of the most successful low-vision products company in the world, etc. We seek $100,000 to launch our third product and turn the corner to profitability."

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