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EI in the News

Stundent Entrepreneurs Win Funding

00931/2005- UMass EI Student Entrepreneurs win big at first ever Harold Grinspoon Regional Enterprise Competition

April 9th 2007, Holyoke, MA – Last week, the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation hosted its first ever Regional Enterprise Competition. The primary objective of the competition is to provide financial and mentoring support to the “best of the best” of the spirit award nominations/winners. UMass Amherst Entrepreneurship Initiative (UMass EI) students won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and tied for 4th. Thousands of dollars in seed capital were awarded to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

The event organizers' hope is to inspire students to explore entrepreneurship and then provide catalyzing resources to those with the passion to follow through.


1st place honors and $5,000 went to CellAssist. CellAssist creates hardware and software applications for mobile phones. The Company is preparing to release, CellAssist, which is a software and hardware system that enables users to diagnose automobile problems and control certain auto functions using standard mobile phones. CellAssist has been in business for 4 years. Our council is currently finalizing the legalities of a Joint Development Agreement with AAA of Pioneer Valley. Under this agreement we would receive startup up capital and a line of credit to nationally roll out CellAssist.


2nd place honors and $4,000 went to Engineered Response. Engineered Response is a concept-stage company that is developing a crash activated emergency beacon that can be used in all helmets. The company has secured preliminary funding through competitions and investors. The technology currently has a patent pending and a proof of concept prototype is soon to be complete. The invention has been highly publicized and there has been contact with helmet manufacturers.


3rd place honors and $3,000 went to Condition Engineering. Condition Engineering provides early warning of impending failure of earthen structures. They have developed a specialized sensor rope to continuously monitor basic geological parameters. These ropes can be installed at regular intervals along the earthen structure, such as a flood control system to form a network that provides widespread assessment of current conditions. From the sensed geological parameters, a computer model can be developed to provide an overview of the health of the entire system.


Honorable mentions and $250 went to DexRex from UMass EI and Lu Lu Company from BayPath.

  • Dexrex is a social technology company which provides a personal data management service that runs on top of the existing Instant Messenger networks and software. Its service ultimately will provide consumers with databases created from chat logs which will advance the efficiency of online advertising and web commerce.


  • Lu Lu provides companies a new avenue to promote their branded messages in a unique and personal way. The company supplies luxury chain hotels with an innovative new seat protector for travelers, suitable for use in public restrooms, hiking, camping, and airline voyages. The protectors provide a true water barrier for which Lu Lu is seeking a U.S. patent, rendering them truly unique to the market. The protectors are environmentally sound and safe for sewer or septic systems.


While UMass EI students have done well at each of the yearly Grinspoon events, this year was the best showing yet.


We are proud of the hard work and amazing growth our students put into their dreams this year.  If you bump into any of them, please extend your congratulations.  If you helped them in any way, please accept our thanks.  If you are a student with an idea, we invite you to join our program in the Fall.


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