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Learn how you can: * Set your own path in life * Win up to $50k in cash * Earch academic credit * Enhance your job options
All by simply exploring the possibility of the entrepreneurial career path. Whether you're an MBA, engineer, or a painter, the skills and contecuions you will build through us will help you in life.

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Orientation & Kickoff Event

In Brief:

Hear personal accounts of UMass Alumni Entrepreneurs and learn how we can help you win $$, earn credit, and build job expertise.  Event runs *twice*, so pick the date, time, and location most convenient for you...
2/5 | 6:30 pm | SOM 112
2/7 | 5:00 pm | SOM 128


  1. Orientation - (40 minutes) Entreclub's benefits and program of events will be explained followed by time for Q&A.
  2. Real Entrepreneurship - (45 minutes) Our entrepreneur guest speakers, representing a great diversity of types of entrepreneurship, will share the highlights of their real-world entrepreneurial careers.
  3. Signup - (5 minutes) Get the paperwork so you can start earning credit for exploring your business idea!

About our Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Bob Hyers (representing independent consultants) - Sometimes the best solution to a problem is a very small company. Bob launched his first startup, an auto-body repair company, in the summer of 1989. He currently is owner or partner in three very small companies in the technology, service, and retail sectors. Entrepreneurship can be a great experience for those who like their day jobs, too. 
  • Bob Lowry (representing lifestyle entrepreneurs) - Starting with little more than a great idea and good instincts, Bob founded the successful Bueno y Sano restaurant in the extremely competitive Amherst market. More than a decade later, he runs his own life, has provided meaningful employment to his staff, and continues to deliver delicious, healthy food at student-friendly prices.
  • Paul G. Silva (representing venture-capital backed entrepreneurship) - In 2000, Paul co-founded software start-up All inPlay. Since then, he raised $250k from angels, pitched to venture capitalists, and launched products that have dramatically improved the quality of life for blind and visually impaired people around the globe. He also runs the River Valley Investors angel investor group in Springfield, helping investors find young companies seeking investment.
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